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BTMD Inc. Software Design Capabilities.


Control Systems...

BTMD has designed, developed, and fielded control systems for a wide array of devices.  These systems have varied in complexity from simple serial (RS232) devices, to complex, multi-node network control systems designed for the simultaneous control of multiple remotely piloted aircraft (RPV).

Real-Time Data Acquisition...

BTMD played a leading role in the design and development of a real-time, high speed data acquisition sub-system for a large medical device instrument manufacture.  This particular sub-system involved the real time control of several devices including a laser sub-system, a shutter system, and a high speed data acquisition board.  The sub-system was designed as a multi-threaded COM object and was able to maintain a consistent update rate greater than 200Hz on a dual processor Windows NT system. 

Real-Time Graphics, Simulation & Training

BTMD has developed several real-time 3D graphic applications for the 'out the window' visual simulation market.  These applications ran on Windows platforms, Silicon Graphics Onyx Workstations,  and Sun Microsystems platforms.  The design of these application involved the use of OpenGL and DirectX technologies.

Simulation projects included Tank Gunnery Trainer, Cockpit Resource Management Trainer (out the window & flight model development), Train Simulator w/real time terrain generation and avionic part task trainer.

BTMD, along with it's sister company nVision Industries, also has a significant amount of experience simulating night vision display systems.  BTMD was recently awarded a phase II follow on SBIR program to develop a simulated Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (PNVG) system for the US Air Force.

User Interface Design...

Most of the applications developed by BTMD also involved the design and development of a graphical user's interface.  The majority of these interfaces made use of the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library.  In addition, in several instances, BTMD had to design custom ActiveX controls (i.e. a dynamic map display control) to meet a particular customer's unique user interface requirements.

Languages & Technologies

The majority of BTMD software applications are developed on Windows platforms using Microsoft's Visual C++ development environment.  We are firm believers in the benefits of object orientated design and development.

Most of BTMD developed applications make use of COM/DCOM and COM+ technologies.  In addition, we are proficient in the use of several development libraries including DirectX (Direct3D, DirectShow etc...), OpenGL, and Windows Media Technologies.




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